Own It is a campaign that encourages young adults and teens to accept their mental illness while embracing their personality along the way. Many mental health stigmas discourage young adults and teens to have those conversations about how they feel and what they go through. As a result of this demographic suppressing these emotions and experiences, many of them commit suicide or suffer from self-isolation. Own It provides a platform for this demographic to know that despite their mental illness, they are still a human being who should not be isolated from society. Own It wants all members to look at their feelings and emotions that comes with their mental illness as part of who they are and not let it affect who they are as a person. In return of acceptance and embracement, Own It hopes that young adults and teens will not only be more confident in themselves but will be more confident to start those uncomfortable conversations about their experiences about mental illness and even gain the confidence to tell their families, friends, and other support systems about their experiences as well.

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