Art Therapy Series 001: Conflicted (Zine)

Since my research study, For Your Eyes Only, I've become super interested in studying my emotions and distorted thinking through art therapy more. As a person who dealt with depression for over 10 years (and didn't start receiving counseling until 3 years ago) I find myself dealing with those blue days sometimes. During these moments, my thoughts go into a dark place. Although my Cognitive behavioral therapy and art therapy has made a tremendous positive impact on my depression, I still face dark times that could spiral out of control if I don't control them.

My way of controlling these thoughts and getting them out of my head is using the process of making. For this project, I created a zine that I believe articulates the chaotic, conflicted, dark and lonely thoughts that I was experiencing during this moment. By expressing my emotion directly and through the process of making, it helps me reflect on these thoughts and get them out of my mind – even if I don't quite understand what it all means at the moment.

This zine was all hand drawn using Sharpie markers and plain 8.5x11 paper.

I'm hoping to continue with these experiments in hopes to not only control my emotions and not spiral into a tunnel of depression and anxiety but to also grow, reflect, and understand myself more thoroughly. 

Please share your comments and like/appreciate this project. 

Thank you :)

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